Friday, July 13, 2012

Continuing Rainfall Impacting on Wildlife

I remember quite vividly in May of this year the gentleman from the Environment Agency in the UK stating that it would have to rain every day this summer for water resources to return to normal. Well records apart it has rained every day this summer and yes indeed water resources are looking fairly good. In fact there is water coming from springs I never knew existed where I live. But the rainfall has led to quite extraordinary conditions for wildlife from butterflies to badgers.

Ground nesting birds and wildfowl have been particularly hard hit, especially in and along the River Shannon, Ireland’s largest river, with many of the numerous small islands now under water. Kathryn Finney from Birdwatch Ireland has a fascinating blog and has been recording the problems due to this exceptionally wet summer and has some excellent images of the problems being caused by the high water levels.


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