Monday, May 30, 2011

Review of the Environmental Protection Agency

The long awaited review of the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been published today. Although some 58 recommendations were made some concerns about the review have been raised.   For further information use the link.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SFI Postdoctoral Four-Year Early Career Grants

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has recently launched the Starting Investigator Research Grant (SIRG) which is aimed at funding excellent early-career-stage investigators (postdoctoral) to carry out independent research in the fields of science and engineering that underpin biotechnology, information and communications technology, and sustainable energy and energy-efficient technologies. Funding of up to €400,000 direct costs over a four year period is provided to successful applicants, to include the Starting Investigator’s salary and funding for a postgraduate student . A mentor is required to support the necessary support and infrastructure to the project. Full information can be accessed here.
The Water Technology Research Group would like to encourage applications from any nationality to apply for one of these grants. Each institution including Trinity College Dublin is required to supply a list of approved (pre-selected) candidates to SFI who make the final selection. An internal deadline of 15th June has been set for online applications, then a short-listing will be coordinated by the Dean of Research in association with the Faculty Deans. Time is short, so if you are interested please contact either Professor Nick Gray or the TCD research office.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Willows for wastewater treatment

On of many infected and dead willows

Infected willow now completely dead

Infected plant showing signs of die back

Healthy plant

There is much interest in the use of willows as part of the treatment sequence for single houses.  I have planted a small stand of the Common Osier Salix viminalis around the base of the percolation area from my septic tank. The objective is to encourage evapotranspiration during summer and to provide a barrier between the treatment area and the boundary of my property.  The stand is now about eight years old and last year many of the trees began to show signs of infection.  This year the infection (fungal) has spread and about a third of the trees have now died. Although I have replanted, I am concerned that this infection will spread. Has anyone else come across this problem?