Sunday, November 28, 2010

Leakage Remains a Challenge for Suppliers

Leakage is the starting point in the conservation of drinking water supplies. In the UK leakage reduction targets are monitored by the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat). However a number of companies have failed their targets for 2009/10 including Yorkshire Water who lost on average 295 million litres a day (ML/d) over this period. The target for 2009/10 was set at 3,275 ML/d for all companies in England and Wales and this was almost achieved with reported loss for the period of 3,280 ML/d. However, the overall trend is still downwards with 8.4 and 34.2% reductions since 2005/6 and 1995/6 respectively. Thames Water still are losing the most via leakage at 670 ML/d with Severn and Trent Water close behind at 495 ML/d, but both within their targets of 685 and 500 ML/d respectively. Where targets are not meet then Ofwat can force companies to invest even more money in achieving leakage reduction. For more information about company leakage and performance in general see Ofwat’s annual report: Service and delivery – performance of the water companies in England and Wales 2009-10: Water today, water tomorrow.

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