Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drinking Water and Health: A Collection of New Research Papers

A wide range of exciting research papers have been published in Dinking Water and Health a special edition of the on-line International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  edited by Professor N.F. Gray from Trinity College Dublin. Leading researchers from around the world have contributed papers.

New Perspectives in Monitoring Drinking Water Microbial Quality Mª José Figueras and Juan J. Borrego

Human Health Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in Water: Issues and Challenges Ahead Arun Kumar, Biao Chang and Irene Xagoraraki

Inadequately Treated Wastewater as a Source of Human Enteric Viruses in the Environment Anthony I. Okoh, Thulani Sibanda and Siyabulela S. Gusha

Water Microbiology. Bacterial Pathogens and Water  João P. S. Cabral

Original Research Papers:
An Assessment of the Interindividual Variability of Internal Dosimetry during Multi-Route Exposure to Drinking Water Contaminants  Mathieu Valcke and Kannan Krishnan

Determinants of Use of Household-level Water Chlorination Products in Rural Kenya, 2003–2005 Amy E. DuBois, John A. Crump, Bruce H. Keswick, Laurence Slutsker, Robert E. Quick, John M. Vulule and Stephen P. Luby

Determinants of Arsenicosis Patients’ Perception and Social Implications of Arsenic Poisoning through Groundwater in Bangladesh M. Mizanur Rahman Sarker

Different Length (DL) qPCR for Quantification of Cell Killing by UV-induced DNA Damage Knut Rudi, Irina Hagen, Bente Carina Johnsrud, Guro Skjefstad and Ingun Tryland

Factors Associated to Endemic Dental Fluorosis in Brazilian Rural Communities Efigênia F. Ferreira, Andréa Maria D. Vargas, Lia S. Castilho, Leila Nunes M. Velásquez, Lucia M. Fantinel and Mauro Henrique N. G. Abreu

Incidence and Distribution of Microfungi in a Treated Municipal Water Supply System in Sub-Tropical Australia Noel B. Sammon, Keith M. Harrower, Larelle D. Fabbro and Rob H. Reed

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