Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Irish Water Supply Problems Update

For an update of the current water supply problems facing water suppliers then you should search the relvant County Councils.  For Dublin these are:
The current situation in Dublin is not that there is insufficient water in its reservoirs but rather that burst pipes have caused an increase in demand to 624 ML per day while current supply capacity via its treatment plants is 550 ML per day leaving a shortfall of >70 ML  resulting in restrictions.

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  1. Several of you have emailed me about the current water crisis, especially in Northern Ireland, asking me who I think is to blame. Well to be honest with you the answer is quite simply … no-one. But what we have to learn from this is how to deal with an ever changing and extreme environment. Whether it is low rainfall and high temperatures, stormy intensive rainfall events, or low temperatures, what we are suffering from is a significant shift from our normal temperate climate. Water security means more risk assessment, better planning and above all sensible water use. Post climate change society will need a new approach to everything…including water provision.