Friday, March 9, 2012

National Ground Water Awareness Week

With all the attention Irish groundwater has been given over the years by the EPA here in Ireland, and it’s protection being cited as the major driver behind the introduction of septic registration and monitoring; it is surprising that we haven’t adopted the scheme run by the USEPA and organized a Ground Water Awareness Week. Forty-four percent of America's population regularly depends on ground water for its drinking water supply with in excess of 90 % of all public drinking water systems relying on ground water resources. So public awareness and participation in its protection is very important. The USEPA have set up a dedicated site for the event with loads of interesting downloads and activities. I particularly liked the Citizen's Guide to Ground Water Protection which describes how everyone can help to protect supplies and how to build your own aquifer in a cup. Check it out!   Link

National Ground Water Awareness Week runs from  March 11 to 17

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