Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SODIS Solar drinking water disinfection

Transparent PET bottles exposed to
sunlight to passivelytreat drinking water.
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 SODIS is short for solar water disinfection and is perhaps one of the simplest and safest ways of treating water in developing countries. Transparent plastic bottles (PET) are filled with settled water and left in the sun for 6 hours. A mixture of temperature and UV-A rays inactivate viruses, bacteria and protozoa making the water safe for consumption. It also works in cloudy conditions although it is recommended that the bottles are exposed to light for 2 consecutive days. 5 million people rely on this method for safe water. Find out more about the SODIS project and how you can help. Link

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  1. Looking forward to hearing Professor Grays views on proposed hydraulic fracturing "fracking" projects in Munster and North West Ulster shale basins, and possible implications for ground and surface water quality.