Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Successful PhD candidate

Congratulations to our colleague Donata Dubber for successfully defending her PhD thesis ‘The effect of anoxia and anaerobia on protozoan communities in activated sludge operation.’ Dr Dubber has already published a number of research papers on her study including
  • Enumeration of protozoan ciliates in activated sludge: Determination of replicate number using probability Water Research 43, 3443-52;
  • Replacement of chemical oxygen demand (COD) with total organic carbon (TOC) for monitoring wastewater treatment performance to minimize disposal of toxic analytical waste J. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A , 45, 1595-1600;
  • The effect of anoxia and anaerobia on ciliate community in biological nutrient removal systems using laboratory-scale sequencing batch reactors (SBRs). Water Research, 45, 2213-26;
  • The influence of fundamental design parameters on ciliates community structure in Irish activated sludge systems. European Journal of Protistology, In press.

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